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                                                                                                                               When you need peace of mind, call Sterling Private Investigators                                                                                                                                                                              {Chattanooga Private Investigators},  A {Private Investigator In Chattanooga TN}.

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    Our Chattanooga private investigators understand that in this difficult time your privacy is essential. You deserve to know the truth, especially when you think a spouse or a partner may be cheating. Surveillance is our specialty in these cases, whether its infidelity, a cheating spouse private investigator Chattanooga, workers compensation / fraud, our team of Chattanooga Private Investigators will provide you with the answers so you can make the decisions you need to make moving forward for you and your family.   
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    STERLING PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS, AKA [ CHATTANOOGA PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS ] Call (423) 900- 2100. 

Here at Chattanooga private investigators our goal is to give a first class investigation with results that a client would expect, when hiring a [ Private Detective Agency Chattanooga ] our services consist of, but certainly do not stop at  Infidelity / Cheating Spouse, Insurance cases / Fraud /scam investigations, Surveillance, Attorney Services, Child Custody / Chattanooga Divorce investigator, Background Checks, Missing Persons / Missing Children / Skip Tracing, Electronic Debugging, Asset Recovery, and much more. Contact our Chattanooga Private Investigators, a lot of our clients have never used an investigation company before in their life we understand that and will help you through the process. We will keep your information totally confidential. Or perhaps you are an individual in a law firm, insurance, or somebody in the business community. We give each client a personal and professional private investigation, performed by our private investigators in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  We will make sure all of your needs are being taken care of.

(PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS)                                                                                                                       
(Private investigators Chattanooga) The Chattanooga metropolitan area has a population of over 500,000 residents, so when you need to hire a private detective agency in Chattanooga, we naturally hope you pick Sterling Private Investigators, a private detective in Chattanooga, TN. Call us at (423) 900-2100. We know how to get the answers to all the questions you might have. That's exactly what we do at Sterling Private Investigators in Chattanooga, Tennessee. So no matter what your problem might be,Adultery,cheating partner, child custody, back ground check, missing persons, or a Divorce, contact Sterling (Private Investigators), a Chattanooga Private Investigator. We will figure it out together. If your gut is telling you something is wrong, you owe it to yourself to learn the truth, you may need to make arrangements to protect your children or yourself. Knowing the truth doesn’t mean it’s the end of a marriage or relationship it simply means you have the power to make up your mind having all the facts in hand. No matter the problem or what your needs might happen to be, contact our private investigators in Chattanooga, were on your side, and have the know-how, the skills, to take care of your problem. 
When  hiring a private investigator in Chattanooga, we know it’s not an easy process. Here at Sterling Private Investigators, you will be treated with the upmost respect, and you will find out the answers to the questions you have been asking. (Private Investigators in Chattanooga Tn.) Many other private investigation companies / detective agencies have owners who are not doing any of the investigations. Instead, they look outside and hire a private investigator in Chattanooga from another private detective agency in Chattanooga to do the work for them. That’s not how STERLING PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS is run: I'm out on the streets day after day, night after night working hands-on to solve your case.                        
(Why hire a Private Investigator in Chattanooga)
When  [Hiring a Private Investigator Chattanooga], you should make sure they are a licensed Private Investigator in Tennessee. Our Private Investigators in Chattanooga are the best at what they do, which is provide you with the answers you need. Clients will be given quality service and a dedication to their case that is second to none. Your case is more than just important; it’s your life, and we only want to help you through this difficult time. We will treat you and your case with respect. 

Chattanooga Private Investigators, AKA Sterling Private Investigators
Our team of private investigators take surveillance to the next level. Most of our cases in which we perform surveillance are very challenging, from rural back roads to urban bar hopping, our private investigators blend in beautifully. We try to never lose sight of our subject. Being a private investigator in Chattanooga is not for the faint of heart. In fact, it can be a very dangerous career path for the unskilled person. Our private investigators licensed Tennessee. Our investigators are known to push the envelope, but always stay within the bounds of the law. From standing behind trees, change of clothes or costume, going undercover, delivering gifts, digging through trash; in other words, being very creative. The main point is we deliver results.
Please feel free to contact us at (423) 900- 2100, or email at [email protected] so we can answer any questions you might have, and advise and point you towards the right course of action. We can use surveillance in Adultery/Infidelity Cases {Cheating Spouse Private Investigator}, Child Custody Cases, {Child Custody Private Investigator}, Fraud/Insurance claims, Worker’s Compensation, Attorney, Personal Injury, and Theft Cases. Missing Persons Cases, and of course Subrosa Undercover Operations.
When you think of a Private Investigator, you may have the image, you know of a..TV type gumshoe caricature. Someone that might drive,i don't know a brown van, maybe dresed in a trench coat following an individual taking pictures while remaining in subrosa. You probably won’t see one of our investigators in a trench coat, but the truth is we do a lot of surveillance. Surveillance is one of our specialties. We provide our clients with private investigators that are well trained and, most of all, we get the job done and provide pictures/video of the subject directly to our clients; these evidences can also be used in court.
I lead and guide our team members, and train them myself. With prior military experience and conducting surveillance cases in different areas every day, our private investigators in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and wherever the case may lead us. There are many techniques that we use to get results for our clients. We uncover the truth to give you peace of mind. Some of the equipment we use include video surveillance (high definition), photography (high resolution). Feel free to contact us so we can schedule a time to go over your case with you in person. Again, the number one priority is confidentiality,

Private Investigator Chattanooga
As the owner and lead Investigator of Sterling Private Investigations, ( Private Investigators Chattanooga) I have built this Private Investigating Agency with the principals, experience gained while working under my uncle, who was an Investigator and owed his own Private Investigating Company in Philadelphia Pennsylvania twenty years ago.. With prior military service in the Army National Guard where I gained a top secret security clearance. Also as a member of the Naval Reserve, and also served as a Conservator Officer during this time. I have the experience to help you with your investigation and to get the answers you are seeking.

(Private Investigator Chattanooga) we are client oriented and provide a wide range of investigating services including: marital cases, cheating partners, due diligence, workers compensation, civil/criminal, and offer attorney aid. Some of our cases are local and stay local and then some start local and can be nationally. Where ever the case leads us that’s where will be till the end.

    (private investigators Chattanooga) our private investigators are personally trained by me, with state of the art technology but not forgetting the old gum shoe techniques that still works. Our Chattanooga private investigators get results, with outstanding service, and professionalism, we handle your case with discretion, and total confidentiality, our clients will be kept updated on progress and in all maters on their case.
At Chattanooga private investigators, a private investigator in Chattanooga, we excel at surveillance, call us private investigators, private eyes, pi, whatever we get the job done discretely.  
 Why Hire a Private Eye in Chattanooga Tn?

Have you been wondering if you should hire a private eye in Chattanooga Tn,? Our Private investigation agency Chattanooga, services include all businesses, many law firms, many insurance companies, and many individuals who find our services so important. You can hire a Chattanooga Private Eye for a very wide range of investigations. So if you feel, or suspect your partner, spouse is cheating, and feel you need help, call Chattanooga private investigators. Needing to locate someone missing, relative, or have been victimized by crime, identity fraud, a Private Investigator Chattanooga can help.

   Chattanooga Private investigators are very carefully trained, intelligent and are great at gathering all the evidence you need with covert sub-rosa and are confident. A private detective Chattanooga can, will get  all collected evidence that you will need so you have peace of mind, so you can win your case……………. We are the best private eyes in Chattanooga. Let Chattanooga Private Eyes get you persuasive evidence that will allow us to testify on your behalf in court.  Chattanooga Private Eyes has a long list of private detective services, our Chattanooga Private Eyes will provide detective services which include surveillance, background checks, insurance and financial fraud, ethical hacking and many other investigations.

[Cheating spouse private investigator Chattanooga]
Cheating Spouse Investigations in Chattanooga Tennessee
   If your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend is showing signs of infidelity / adultery, our Chattanooga Private Investigators will get to the bottom of it. Chattanooga Private Detectives know how to catch a cheater. Chattanooga Private Detectives will discreetly conduct surveillance to determine if your significant other is being unfaithful. Chattanooga Private Investigators will identify who they are spending their time with and will document their activities and places they visit to provide you with the evidence you need. For most cheating spouse cases, Chattanooga Private Investigators will use one or more of the following methods to detect and document their cheating and unfaithful behavior: covert surveillance, hidden cameras.

We, will never use Gps tracking devices when conducting a surveillance due to the Tennessee Code Annotated Section 39-13-606-Electronic tracking of a motor vehicle. It’s not legal, its unlawful. No one at all may put, place a tracking device on a vehicle without, ALL the owners, of the said vehicle having knowledge of it, such.  Chattanooga private investigators would like to inform our clients that although a GPS will let a unit printout can state that a vehicle spent the night at a hotel or another person’s house means only in a court of law that the vehicle was at the location which is circumstantial evidence. That is why hire Chattanooga Private Detective so we can provide picture and video evidence. 

    Divorce & Child Custody Private Investigator in Chattanooga
   [Child Custody Investigation Chattanooga Tn.]
When it comes to divorce and child custody issues, Infidelity Chattanooga Private Detective certainly understand the emotional stress you are experiencing. In a divorce, your soon-to-be-ex will be hiding things from you like a new lover, assets, bank accounts, or place of employment. Cases involving child custody or parenting time are important safety concerns that you have the right to know who your child is being exposed to while with the other parent. Is someone else to caring for your children during their scheduled parenting time? In either situation let Chattanooga Private Detectives conduct surveillance and background investigations so you can have the knowledge and proof you need to handle custody issues in court.
   During surveillance, our private investigator Chattanooga will obtain photographs and / or video documentation detailing the surveillance done.  Contact Sterling Private Investigations, to hire a top private eye, Detective in Chattanooga, today – (423) 900 - 2100 we look forward to assisting you.

   Surveillance Private Investigator is typically conducted to catch a cheating spouse, but may be necessary in many other types of investigations. It is Chattanooga Private Investigators goal to discreetly follow the subject(s) and obtain photographic or video documentation of their activities and places they visit. It is often the best and sometimes the only viable option you have when you have concerns about your spouse/partners movements, habits and personal contacts are questionable. Our private investigators in Chattanooga, TN. Are experts who are highly-trained and skilled when it comes to efficient and discreet "tailing" of a subject.

   We at Sterling Private Investigations provide a wide range of investigations, as a private investigator in Chattanooga TN, we are at times referred to as a private eye, or PI, our Chattanooga private detectives,  handle infidelity, child custody, background check, cheating spouse, missing persons, divorce , skip tracing, electronic debugging, and asset recovery, to our clients in Chattanooga and the surrounding areas, Don’t wait until it’s too late and your case is going to court call Chattanooga Private Investigators.

   Infidelity investigations are a preliminary tool to find out about your partners, husband or wife’s behavior. Why find a private investigator in Chattanooga? I have witnessed numerous couples save their marriage because they hired a Chattanooga private investigator to conduct surveillance when they suspected their husband or wife was cheating. You deserve peace of mind
   When Chattanooga Private Detectives are taking photo and video surveillance of a suspected individual, for a few weeks or even months, and the evidence points to a faithful partner, the process is just as worthwhile and rewarding to Chattanooga Private Investigators.
We do not seek to ruin relationships. The purpose of Chattanooga Private Detectives work is to give the spouse who suspects a cheating partner the peace of mind and knowledge of the truth.
   Most likely this may be your first time in a divorce or child custody battle, you probably never imagined that your loved one would turn against you.  Chattanooga Private Investigators are here to listen to you patiently. Chattanooga Private Detectives will not criticize or judge you and your family. If, after Chattanooga Private Investigators discuss your needs and it turns out that you need something besides the services of a Chattanooga private investigator, I will kindly refer you to the appropriate professional in strict confidentiality. Our conversations are strictly confidential, just as you would expect from a psychologist or attorney.

   In regards to being a Chattanooga Private Detective,  we are a  licensed private investigator in Chattanooga, Tennessee, being a Private Investigator Chattanooga is the most rewarding job on the planet; I do this because I am able to comfort the victimized, bring justice to the voiceless, and to help those individuals who, without the right resources, would otherwise feel powerless.

   We here at Chattanooga private Investigators understand how sensitive these investigations are to those individuals involved and it is always our goal to provide clients with the answers to the questions that can haunt them. It is not our goal as Chattanooga Private Investigators to destroy a marriage, but Chattanooga Private Investigators believe that when it comes to a cheating spouse or infidelity investigations, our #1 goal is get to the truth – whatever that may be. Chattanooga Private Investigators recognizes that every case is different and involves its own set of very unique circumstances. Therefore, our investigative approach at private investigator Chattanooga will depend on the specific challenges and objectives we are faced with.

   Cheating spouse / Infidelity investigations involve several stages. The first stage of course requires Chattanooga private investigator to get to know your specific situation. Why are you suspicious? What are your objectives? During this stage, the infidelity private investigator in Chattanooga, also will obtain vital case information such as a physical description of our subject and any other possible suspects. Chattanooga Private Investigators typically also obtain vehicle and employment information about our subject as well as the places that he or she may frequent. Do you need answers? Then call private investigators Chattanooga, and we will get the information you need!

   After obtaining the case information and learning why the client is suspicious, the cheating spouse private investigator Chattanooga, will recommend an investigative strategy based on the client’s objectives. Chattanooga Private Investigators client will typically purchase a block of surveillance hours.The next stage of a cheating spouse private investigator Chattanooga is the surveillance investigation... (A private investigators in Chattanooga) involves applying the surveillance hours to the case. The objective here is to apply the surveillance hours to the case during those times when our subject is most likely to engage in cheating or infidelity. Our private detective agency Chattanooga, has a track record of excellence but It’s important for the client to remember that no one is physic, and we do not know the exact time that infidelity or cheating will take place. It is critical, however, that the cheating spouse private investigator in Chattanooga Tn rely on the client when deciding when to apply the surveillance hours to the case.

     licensed Chattanooga private investigator, we may be experts on infidelity investigations, however, we are not “experts” on your spouse. The client is much more of an “expert” on the person we are following. As experienced cheating spouse investigator Chattanooga, we understand that we do not know your spouse the way you do. The client is a valuable resource that our private detective in Chattanooga rely on for valuable information, and to narrow the margin for error during the investigation.

    Chattanooga private detective agency, is able to maintain a statewide presence in Tennessee and beyond, we also provide our customers the opportunity to deal with one manager at a central office while conducting a cheating spouse investigation. Effective and reliable communication will occur via email, text message or phone calls. This is an essential part of any cheating spouse investigation. During the course of an infidelity private investigation, Chattanooga Private Detective will communicate regularly with the client.


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​   Sterling private investigators has a team of Chattanooga private investigators that specializes in investigating/ surveillance, fraud / worker’s compensation cases, liability medical malpractice claims, our private investigators in Chattanooga. provides the best private investigators in Chattanooga Tn, we conduct a thorough activity check and a neighborhood investigation on your subject in order to determine their daily activities and lifestyle.

We will also conduct surveillance on the subject for photo and/or video documentation purposes, which can be used for trial evidence. If deemed necessary, our Chattanooga private investigators, will  also give you evidence to take to court for your case.

   Give STERLING PRIVATE INVESTIGTORS a call and let us know how we can be of service to you. You just need to provide us with important information so we can proceed in your investigations. Our estimates are free! call now! (423) 900-2100​​
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   Don’t be fooled / lied to. The spouse, or partner is not the last to know.                                                  If your instincts or emotions our telling you something is wrong, don’t ignore it. Our specialty is surveillance investigation, cheating spouses from Chattanooga to Los Angeles to New York. Let our team of investigators / Private Detectives in Chattanooga,  help you get the answers,we will let you know  about your spouse or significant other.

  STERLING PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS will treat your case, with the utmost respect, and with the privacy you diserve.To start your investigation, contact us for a free consultation.
                                                                                        Sterling Private Investigators                                Offers Chattanooga (private eyes):
        State-of-the-Art Technology
        In-Depth Reports
        Experienced Investigators
        Rapid Results
        24/7 Availability                                                           Confidentiality and with Discretion
        Military Trained Personnel

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   Surveillance is usually conducted for infidelity investigations, matrimonial investigations, employee investigations, fraud investigations, theft investigations, cheating spouses, adultery investigations, civil investigations, and insurance investigations.

   Surveillance is also useful in many business investigations, including employee dishonesty and unfair competition.

   Surveillance is an extremely useful  for finding answers following your subject, documenting activities, seeing who they meet? and for how long? and where?, or for whatever other reason  you need. Our private investigators in Chattanooga will obtain/ get video documentation using surveillance equipment. CALL(423)900-2100

                                                                    (Private Investigators in Chattanooga)

  It doesn't matter if you are a sole practitioner or a firm, STERLING PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS is the  Private Investigator in Chattanooga and all surrounding areas. We provide services and litigation support in the areas of or for Criminal Defense, Insurance, Domestic/or Family , Jury Misconduct, Background Checks, and even Civil Investigations.
There are so many different kinds of ways we can help you. The way we think about cases, offer us different ways to look at a problem. Are investigators. use this in the criminal area because the client has so much at stake.

STERLING PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS works with individuals,Criminal Attorneys, Divorce Attorneys, Personal Injury Attorneys, and Corporate Attorneys      Call (423)900-2100

  Child custody
   protect your family

Background Checks
   for your security

​​ (private investigators in Chattanooga TN)
                                                                          Sterling private investigators: a private investigator in Chatanooga TN, specializes in child custody cases. Our specialised team will follow your spouse, ex, pr partner during scheduled visitation, in order to find out if any wrong doing,unlawful, improper activity is happening on the time during the sceheduled visit..

   We can, and also will follow your spouse, partner, or ex when they are on their own free time in order to find out current activities, lifestyle changes, living conditions, and people they hang out with.

   Photographs, and/or video showing a detailed lifestyle in which that person/ individual for wich your child is living with will be provided. In addition, Chattanooga private investigators can also testify on your case in court. Call us now, to find out  if your partner, spouse,ex is really able and fit to take care of your child. (423)900-2100

 (private investigator background checks)

 Sterling private investigators: a Chattanooga private investigator, provides a specially format to background checks through our ability to access courthouse records and online databases. Our investigators utilized this find out the subject’s standing in the community, employment status, history, criminal history, and any other specific needs.

Background investigations can be useful in Pre-Employment, PreMarital, PreDating, and in Business , finding out about Nannies, and Litigation.
Call STERLING PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS today we will  help you find the answers to what you need to know, to assure your security

Areas served but we are able to cover all of Tn. and beyond, Chattanooga, Aspison, bakewell, birchwood, Collegedale, East Brainerd, East Ridge, Fairmount, Harrison, Lakesite, Lookout Mountain, Middle Valley, Ooltewah, Red Bank, Ridgeside, Signal Mountain, Soddy-Daisy, Walden, Cleveland

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