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Cheating Spouse / Adultery
  Lying Partner Get The Truth

The spouse doesn't have to be the last to know. If your        gut is telling you something is wrong don't ignore it.

Private Detectives in Chattanooga

Private Detectives in Chattanooga

  1. Infidelity / Cheating Spouse
    The spouse doesn't always have to be the last to know. If your gut is telling you that something is wrong, don’t ignore it. Sterling Private Investigations will handle your case discreetly. Your privacy is our first priority. To begin, just contact us for a free consultation.
  2. Missing Persons / Skip Tracing
    Whether you're looking for a teenager on the run, a child gone missing, or an adult that has disappeared, we are here to help. If someone in your life is missing, don't give up hope. Call us today and schedule an appointment so we can start the search immediately
  3. Background Checks
    Sterling Private Investigations provides background checks through courthouse research, legwork, and professional databases. Background investigations are useful for Employment, Marital issues, Dating, Business Relations, Nannies, and Litigation.
  4. Hidden and Missing Assets
    In some situations a person may have declared bankruptcy, yet there is a chance that some assets may have been moved and hidden. Sterling Private Investigations can also investigate any assets or items that are missing and/or stolen.
  5. Attorney Services
    We provide support in the areas of Criminal, Insurance, Domestic, Family, Jury Misconduct, and Civil Investigations Chattanooga private detective The ability to think and reason outside the box when on a subject is the making of a good detective and researcher. We do not disappoint.
  6. Child Custody / Divorce
    Our team will follow your spouse or your ex during their visitation schedule in order to evaluate if anything improper or unlawful is happening during the time your child is exposed to them. Video documentation and photographs revealing the lifestyle the subject or your child is living can be provided.
  7. Surveillance
    Surveillance is useful for understanding your subject, recording their activities, determining who they know, documenting their lifestyle, and for finding their true character. We can record hidden video documentation using top of the line surveillance tools and equipment.
  8. Electronic Bug Sweeps
    Technology and its advancements changed in the last decade. Someone could be spying watching your daily moves and you might not have any idea it's happening. We can help you find any hidden surveillance equipment or recording devices.
  9. Insurance Fraud
    Our team of Chattanooga private detectives specializes in investigating worker’s compensation, medical malpractice claims, and liability claims.

Call (423) 900-2100

Call (423) 900-2100

                               Chattanooga Private Detectives

Why Hire a Private Detective?
Why hire a private detective in Chattanooga? Thinking about hiring a private detective in Chattanooga, Tennessee? When you contact us, you’ll find that our private detective agency Chattanooga serves individuals, businesses, attorneys/law firms, insurance companies, and we are hired to perform a broad range of cases. If you are an individual who suspects your spouse/partner is cheating, or finding a missing relative, whatever the reason, hiring a Private Detective that is well trained is necessary to success. That’s why we suggest using our firm. Our team of Chattanooga private detectives are experienced and well trained. We specialize in surveillance, gathering evidence discreetly and confidentially. A well trained (Private Eye), P.I., whatever you want to call us, we will get you the information and evidence you need, so when you go to court, you are prepared and have the evidence you need for your case. When performing an investigation in Chattanooga, and collecting evidence, to testify in court for you on your behalf. Chattanooga Private Detectives AKA Sterling, performs investigations that goes above and beyond the call of professional duty.

We provide our clients with the ammo they need for their court date. Chattanooga Private Detectives services include adultery/infidelity,  child custody, missing persons, insurance fraud, and many many more. If you have a loved one, spouse or partner giving you the feeling of unfaithfulness, our private detectives will dig until we uncover the truth. Our specialty is surveillance, and we can definitely catch a cheater. We conduct surveillance discreetly and confidentially, if there are any signs of unfaithfulness, we will surely find it. Our private detectives in Chattanooga know what the signs of cheating behavior looks like. Undercover surveillance video or photographic evidence with reports will be given to you to do with what you please

Divorce and child custody
While going through a divorce can be painful and stressful, you have to assume that your ex is playing for keeps. You have to protect your children, your assets/money. Child custody cases can be very difficult. You need (Sterling, a Chattanooga Private Detective) to conduct surveillance to make sure that your child is being cared for while under their supervision. You need to know who is watching your child while they are not in your custody. During a child custody investigation, our Chattanooga private detectives will gather evidence such as photographs/video showing your child’s time while with your ex. Contact Chattanooga Private Detectives, AKA Sterling Private Investigators today at (423) 900- 2100.

Most of the time Private Detectives including our Chattanooga Private Detectives use surveillance as a way to catch cheating spouses, cheating partners, worker compensation cases, and in many other types of investigations. Our Private Detective agency also uses surveillance to discreetly maintain the whereabouts of our subjects. We will take photographic and or video records of activities and to also determine if subject is telling their spouse or partner the truth in where they are supposed to be. This is important in answering questions that you may have about your spouse or partner. Our Private Detectives in Chattanooga TN are well equipped, highly trained skilled professionals. When tailing a subject we are very discreet. We will provide you the answer to the questions you have. Our Chattanooga Private Detectives AKA (Sterling) provide many types of investigations. As Private Detectives in Chattanooga or at times referred to as a Private Eye or PI. We at Chattanooga Private Detectives perform investigations on infidelity, child custody, and missing persons, cheating partners, skip tracing, asset recoveries, electronic debugging, background, and many more. Do Not wait to find out the truth call our Private Detectives in Chattanooga to personally advise you on your particular situation.  Call (423)-900-2100.
Infidelity Investigations

(Infidelity Private Detectives) Primarily infidelity investigations are to simply put know your husband or wife / partner’s whereabouts and their behavior. Why find a Private Detective in Chattanooga? We have personally seen / witnessed many couples save their marriage after they hire a Private Detective to perform surveillance if they suspected their significant other was cheating. Photo and video surveillance will lift the cloud of doubt off an individual for their significant other when they find they are doing and acting appropriately. Or if they are being unfaithful it gives you the opportunity to have the knowledge to be the one to move forward first with divorce or to try and work out the relationship, it gives you the power you need to make the best decision for you and your family. Simply put a divorce or child custody battle is something one never imagines will happen, No one imagines that their spouse or partner will ever turn against them. As Private Detectives we want to listen and consult with you, we are not here to criticize or judge you on any decisions you make. Our Chattanooga Private Detectives will handle your case discreetly and confidentially. Any conversations you have with us are privileged and strictly confidential just as if you were speaking with a psychologist or an attorney.

We at Chattanooga Private Detectives AKA Sterling Private Investigations are licensed Private Detectives in the state of TN and will follow your case wherever it leads us. My job as the owner of Sterling Private Investigations I find to be most rewarding. Doing this job enables me to bring the truth to individuals who otherwise might be victimized in the court system later on down the road. Being a Chattanooga Private Detective we understand that each case is unique and very personal to our client, and we approach each case differently because they all have specific challenges / goals that need to be determined.
Steps in Cheating Spouse/ Adultery Investigation

First we need to know the details of your situation. What things are making you suspicious? What are your expectations? At this point the infidelity Private Detective in Chattanooga will also get crucial case information. A description of the subject, and any other possible suspects, friends, vehicle and employment information pertain to the subject. Personal questions as to places the subject may frequent. Once we have all this information we will personalize a strategy for our client based on our client’s objectives.  Once this is completed we will pursue the investigation diligently.   Call Sterling Private Investigations the best Private Detective agency in Chattanooga (423)-900-2100.

The next step of an infidelity / cheating spouse / a private detective Chattanooga, will do a surveillance investigation (A PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR CHATTANOOGA) will be using the surveillance hours to the case. The using of time here is to find out the best times to apply surveillance hours to the case. Using hours when the subject is most probably apt to engage infidelity / cheating, Our private detective agency in Chattanooga, has a superb / excellent track record.but It’s not always clear and we don't use a crystal ball. No one knows when infidelity or cheating partner will actually cheat. It is critical, however, that when a cheating spouse, is lying we catch them. A private detective in Chattanooga Tn. will rely on you (the client) on deciding when and how to apply surveillance hours for your case.

   Being a licensed Chattanooga private detectives, we are experts on cheating partners, infidelity investigations, but, we don't know your spouse. The client is very valuable and more of an expert on the subject / person we are following, than we are. As experienced cheating spouse private detectectives  we understand our clients needs, but the client is a valuable tool / resource for our private detectives in chattanooga, to use and gain information to cut down on errors, during the ongoing investigation. Even though our Chattanooga private detectives, our able to cover a statewide presence in Tennssee and all over, we  provide our clients with the opportunity to deal only with one manager at a time  Call Joe (423)900-2100